Three Cold Calling Tips For Augmenting Your Lead Generation Strategy

To make the best of your lead generation strategies, you need to have solid cold calling skills.I just received a cold call from someone following up on me as a lead. Apparently I had downloaded a whitepaper on something and in doing so, I had triggered their system with the contact information that I had supplied.

You know, name, email address, phone number … Standard stuff that you would expect to collect in a lead generation program.

The challenge here is that I had no idea when I was on their website, when I downloaded the whitepaper, what the whitepaper was about, the name of the company or why I had downloaded the paper in the first place.

Yeah, it made a really big impression.

The sad part was that my cold calling sales rep didn’t have a clue as to when I was on the site or what I had downloaded either. All she had was a name, a phone number and she was probably told, “you need to contact this one. It’s a hot lead!”

If you have a lead generation process in place, don’t waste good leads with poor cold calling follow through. Keep these three tips in the back of your mind when you’re contacting those “hot leads”.

Remember that a lead generation system will do some filtering on the front end and send semi-qualified leads in your direction. But if you can’t communicate to determine a need or sell the next steps effectively, then your lead generation system is a waste of time. Keep these three tips in mind:

  1. Follow up on your prospects in a timely fashion
  2. Get pertinent information on what they received
  3. Get them engaged immediately by referencing what they downloaded

Now as one of my sales manager from a long time ago used to tell me, go sell something!

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