Thursday, April 23, 2009

Pirated Software Used To Infect Macs

I think for some Mac users, the world just blew up this past week.

I’ve got a few friends that are die-hard Mac users, and I’m sure that you have a few as well. These guys swear by their rigs and they often recount how often MS Windows is infected with malware, or how often a Windows rig has to be patched. And they use these incidents as justification for the belief that only “intelligent” users own Macs while the unwashed masses own PCs infected… I mean, installed with MS Windows.

Well, this morning while reading the security blog from ESET, I came across this gem indicating that Macs have come into the spotlight in the world of malware infection:

ESET: “Oh My, A Mac Botnet

This is not the first time that malware designers have made a run at Mac OS. But the news does seem to be making a bigger splash this time around. And the security experts are expecting these threats to grow in frequency as Apple’s market share increases. Perhaps the folks in the security industry are looking to head off one of the major vectors of infection, downloading pirated software from file sharing sites. Pirated, and infected, copies of iWork 09 and Adobe PhotoShop CS4 were the cause of this latest incident that has attracted so much of the media’s attention.

The lesson here is clear. Don’t assume that your rig is immune to malware threats just because it’s a Mac. Get it loaded up with a reputable antivirus protection package, and refrain from installing pirated software, no matter how appealing it looks. You are out there to sell and conduct business. You want your laptop working for you, not someone else.

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