Monday, January 26, 2009

Linkedin Profile Enhancement In Less Than Three And A Half Minutes

OK. The last post I made regarding making your Linkedin profile more search engine friendly missed something. I didn’t go far enough. In addition to personalizing the filename that identifies your profile, you can also establish links to your profile to put on other sites, like your blog, your Squidoo lens or your website. Search engines like Google and Yahoo “love” hyperlinks that connect pages from one site to another like a big web. Sort of why we call it the “World Wide Web”.

So if you’ve ever looked upon your competitors with envy because they had this pretty blue badge on their site that looked like this:

View Larry Prevost's profile on LinkedIn

and you didn’t have one to put on your blog or your website, here’s how to get yours.

First login to your Linkedin account and click on the “Edit My Profile” under the “Profile” section on the left hand side. When you get to the "Profile settings" page, you can then modify your profile (again, click on any picture to enlarge it).

Creating a Linkedin Profile Button

When you get to this profile page, click on the “Edit Public Profile Settings” link over on the far right hand side. Again, this will take you to the “Public Profile Settings” page.

Creating a Linkedin Profile Button

When you get to this page, you will see a link under the section entitled “Public Profile” called “Promote your profile with customized buttons”. Click on this link.

Creating a Linkedin Profile Button

This will take you to the “Promote Your Profile” page.

Creating a Linkedin Profile Button

Here you will see a wide array of button types to choose from. Simply select the type of button that suites you, select the code to the immediate right of that button, copy and paste it into a text file and email the file to your favorite webmaster so that they can include it in your web profile.

Or, if you are using Blogger, get into your administrative dashboard, click on the “Layout” tab and add a gadget.

You will add an “HTML/Text” gadget.

When the gadget window comes up, simply paste the code that you copied from the Linkedin window into this box. Save out the box, and then move the newly created gadget to the top of your blog and save the layout.

Now, whenever anyone visits your blog or the profile page on your website, your hot Linkedin button will be present on your page along with a hyperlink back to your public Linkedin profile. Now you are promoting yourself with style!

Go get ‘em!


Sivam said...

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Gulab said...

It worked perfectly.
Thanks Larry :)

Jerry Chalupnik said...

Worked great, but one question.  I would much rather use an icon, instead of a button that has a ton of words on it.  On yours, on the top right of this page, you have all the icons, how did you accomplish such a feat my friend...? any advice?

Larry Prevost said...


Sorry for the long delay. Things have been rather busy the last few months. I've been jumping faster... well, you get the idea.

Anyway, those icons are simple png images pulled from one of the free icon sites and then formatted and linked using straight html code. As this is a Google blogspot blog, all of the code is contained in one of the sidebar widgets (the plain HTML widget). I'll do a post in a bit, after I get the "Salesforce Note Import" post up.

If you are looking to include icons in your email signatures, can't be beat. I would strongly encourage you to check them out.


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