Use Google Voice And Video Chat To Connect With The Sales IT Tech

A few weeks back, I created the Voicemail Coach to address some of the challenges that new sales people are experiencing in this economy. Using Google Talk, you can actually send a voicemail to me at the account voicemailcoach@salesittech-dot-com.

After reviewing it, I can get ideas, suggestions and coaching back to you either by text or by voice.

Considering the number of questions I’ve seen on the Manta sales forum, I think everyone is looking for some way to get favorable engage their prospects.

Now I’m adding an additional communication channel to Sales IT Tech: the fairly new Google Voice and Video chat.

Simply use your webcam and your Gmail account to send a chat request to me at salesittech1@salesittech-dot-com (again, replace the “-dot-com” with “.com”). You’ll have to look hard. You’ll have to click the very small “Add Contact” link at the bottom of your chat window.

Once the request is accepted, we can have a face-to-face conversation to resolve your technical challenges or to discuss how you can use technology to favorably impact your sales efforts.

Of course, you will need the Google Voice and Video chat plugin integrated into your Gmail account. For details on how to make this happen, review the post here on Adding Voice and Video Messaging to your Gmail Account.

This should be an interesting development. I mean, really… given the right webcam and broadband connection, how many quality face-to-face meetings can you have with your prospects when you don’t have to spend a lot of quality time with your windshield or dump half of your paycheck into your gas tank?

Let’s go make something happen.

Good selling!

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